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Research & Development:

We offer two types of research and development services. One is the technology-based research and development such as the technological research, the market research, and the IT system development to support the technological development and the patent business. The other one is the development of the education method and text which are necessary for the management of technology and personal training.

Management Support:

Our management support services are based on the science technology and the intellectual property. We give priority to the technology-based management consulting, such as the development strategy, the application development, and the business model planning.

Personal Training:

We provide personal training services especially to contribute to the management of technology. We offer project management services and give lectures at events or seminars for clients, under the concept of "Contents that are practical and suitable to the people in the field ".

Information Offering:

By using our personal network as well as our information network, we offer a variety of information according to the needs and purposes of the clients. We gather and analyze the information, based on the intellectual property right issue.