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Field Research:
We conduct research on the customer reaction to some products or other services and on the technology transfer destination in China. Making the best use of our local network, we objectively analyze the collected data and provide reliable proposals.

Visit Adjustment:
We make the client's visit plan to China and also do follow up according to the client’s demand. In order to make the client’s visit more fruitful and efficient, we offer carefully-thought-out services from the examination of the visit purpose, the selection of the visit destination, the planning of the visit schedule and so on.

Interpretation & Translation:
Since the business of Japan and China is cross-cultural, we think that it is important to keep deepening the understanding of the two countries cultures. Based on this, we provide the interpretation and translation services to meet the customer's requirements on specialty and quality.

Business Matching:
By using our personal network as well as our information network, we introduce business partners and specialists such as the lawyer and the patent lawyer to the clients to make business match making, which is necessary for the business development in China.